Metaphysical Healing Center and Tea Room in Albuquerque

Tea Massage in Albuquerque

 ($75 for new clients and $60 to rebook) 

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Herbal Tea Massage in Albuquerque

The one of a kind "Tea Massage Treatment" here at Body Potions Emporium is designed to increase flexibility, reduce fatigue, and renew your spirit; 

The Body Potions Emporium, Inc. Tea Massage is truly an herbal healing experience unlike any standard draped Swedish Massage in Albuquerque. Our clients who choose the Tea Massage Treatment come wearing shorts and a sleeveless shirt and sit comfortably on our Massage Sofa where they are surrounded by crystals from Brazil and Himalayan Salt Lamps in a room filled with herbal and essential aromas. During your Tea Massage Treatment we serve you herbal loose leaf tea from our Emporium and soak your feet in a Tibetan Herbal Foot Soak. 

Tea Massage is an experience unlike any other massage and is perfect for someone who just wants to unwind stretch out and relax and feel at home in an almost enchanted environment. 

Your therapist will work to unwind your body from the day to day stresses increase your flexibility  and relax your mind while renewing your spirit. 


 (We recommend for the best experience that you wear shorts or pants that can be rolled up comfortably for the foot soak and a sleeveless shirt or tank top to provide the best neck and shoulder massage.)

Tea Massage In Albuquerque

Will include complementary custom aromatherapy, hot towels, an herbal foot soak, and herbal loose leaf tea from our Emporium. Your tea will be served to you during your massage. Just come wearing shorts and a sleeveless shirt or tank top.

($75 for new clients  $60 to Re-book for  NON-Members) 

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