Metaphysical Healing Center and Tea Room in Albuquerque

The Metaphysical Experience at Body Potions Emporium

Energy and Meditative Treatment in Albuquerque

If you are booking a sixty minute metaphysical session prepare for the most relaxing experience in Albuquerque. 

This relaxing and rejuvenating (Windows) Energy Treatment includes the use of a tuning fork, as well as crystals, and essential oils; designed to comfort, heal and harmonize your spirit, mind and body to a state of well being. 

Come in comfortable attire and prepare to lay down in the most metaphysically enchanted massage space in Albuquerque. Be ready to drift away and escape into a meditative state. 

Your therapist may also choose to incorporate, Cranial Sacral and Reflexology Massage during your session. At the end of every treatment your therapist will do a one card Tarot Reading and also explain the energies they saw during your treatment.  

This service currently can only be booked by phone or by messaging us on Facebook.

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