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Redefining herbal community wellness

Let us help you gather some  Health and well-being

About our rebrand


Due to COVID-19 we have temporarily removed our massage therapy services and have rebranded to better serve the community during these difficult times

Our  logo  has  evolved;  a golden and  berry  burgundy bee holding two sprigs of Honeybush Tea Leaves. Our new logo embodies our new product line of Immunity Boosting,  Pain Reliving, Body Balancing Consumables...That was a mouthful but basically all parties involved with Body Potions Emporium, Inc. are working remotely to redefine natural community wellness. 

COVID-19 has changed all of our lives and this rebrand is us stepping up to meet a stronger demand for solid physical health and body wellness products. 

In nature the bee plays a vital role in renewing life cycles on the planet and Body Potions Emporium, Inc. is taking some inspiration from the honey bee and we want to help you gather some wellness.


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